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I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and explain why you should consider Rick Johnson Private Investigator to assist you with your matter.  This agency is owned and operated by me, Rick Johnson.  I'm a unpretentious independent agency; small enough to provide you with personalized attention.

As an independent private investigator, I'm guided by core values of integerity and discretion. I offer an exclusive range of professional, confidential investigations and related services to clients in and around the West Virginia panhandle area.  My services are available to attorneys, law firms, organizations, buisnesses and private individuals. 

I understand the sensitive nature of private investigations and uphold the highest standards of confidentiality in the industry.  It is my policy that all reports and information received are stricktly confidential and are for the private and exclusive use of my clients.

I stand behind my commitment for investigative excellence in every task I undertake.  I strive for professionalism, continual improvement, ethical, and moral commitment.  My goal is to be the best that the private investigative industry has to offer.

What is a Private Investigator?

A private investigator is a professional who is hired by lawyers, corporations, insurance agencies, private individuals, who conducts an investigation in order to uncover certain evidence.  Private investigators sometimes have law enforcement backgrounds or other relevant experience and training and may require to be licensed by a state licensing authority.

Why should I consider hiring a Private Investigator?

Private investigators offer many types of investigations.  Investigators often work with lawyers to gather information on civil or defense cases.  Insurance companies often hire investigators to look into suspicious claims.  Private individuals hire investigators to locate missing people, to do surveillance on spouses and many other reasons.  Businesses hire investigators to do background checks and embezzlement investigations.  You need to make sure the person you are hiring for a position in your business or home has integrity and is honest.  You have suspicions of Fraud or Deception that need to be confirmed.  You have the need for a discreet Professional Investigation.  You need to locate a witness or individual.

What types of things are Private Investigators not allowed to do?

Private Investigators are not allowed to break the law.  Although Private Investigators have access to information the general public can not obtain, they must obey the same basic laws as ordinary citizens.

Will you provide me with a Free Consultation?

Yes, I do provide a free no-obligation telephone consultation and will dedicate the neeeded time to understand your needs.  During the consultation I will explain my services and discuss my rates.  I do not discuss investigations or rates via email therefore you must either call me from a non-blocked number or provide me a number where I can call you.

Is my phone call confidential even if I decide not to hire you?

Absolutely every phone call, including your consultation is confidential and remember thet there is no obligation for the consultation; it is free.  There is no way someone will learn from me that you contacted my agency.  I do not sell or share my clients or potential clients infromation to anyone.  Your identy will be safeguarded.  Some agencies might sell your personal information; I do not!

What should I know before calling you?

You certainly don't want your spouse to know that you called a private investigator therefore you will need to take precautions.  After calling me via your cell phone make certain to erase the call log.  If you call me from your home phone then be certain to erase the phone number so someone can't redial the call.
What are your areas of specialtization?

Many investigation agencys try to do it all, my theory is that you can't be great at one area if you are trying to do everything.  I provide sensitive and discrete professional investigative services and litigation support consulting to attorneys or private clients.  For attorneys, I speciailize in preparing plaintiff and defense cases for trial for attorneys.  I assist attorneys to uncover reasonable doubt by reviewing documents, police reports and discovery materials, analyzing and photographing crime or accident scenes, interviewing parties and witnesses, performing background investigations, preparing documentary and demonstrative evidence.  For private clients, I specialize in missing persons, runaway, child welfare - custody investigations, spousal fidelity, and personal background checks.

What is the difference between you and your competitition?

I have compassion and understanding coupled with accessibility.  Unlike my competitors, I make every effort to really have a sound understanding for a clients unique situation and then customize a strategy that will enable us to achieve our goals.  I understand that this is a very emotional time for you and you may be stressd to the max.  I am very accessible when you need me.  Another important differance is with Rick Johnson Private Investigator you will deal with me, the owner of the company from the initial telephone consultation until the job is completed. 

What do you charge?

In the majority of cases, I will charge and hourly rate.  Hourly rates can vary based on the type of investigation.   Additionally, I charge for travel time and/or milage traveled.  In most cases, a retainer for services is required in advance.  I will provide a retainer agreement that details all possible fees.  However, some services are available for a flat fee, such as a background or record check.

What is a retainer?

A retainer is an up front deposit that I bill against; in other words I draw from the retainer.  I do not require the entire amount, of the estimated cost of the job, upfront; I require a portion of the anticipated cost in the form of a retainer.  I bill against the retainer and when the retainer is exausted I will continue to perform my service with the agreement that any outstanding balances will be satisfied, in full, immediatley upon completion of the investigation. 

What can private investigators do that I can not?

Private Investigator's have access to several information databases that are not available to the general public.  But more importantly they have the training and experience needed to transform the raw data into actionable information.  Having a professional licensed investigator report admitted into court or having them testify on your behalf also carries a lot more weight then trying to get evidence admitted that you collected yourself.

I have already been to the police can I still use a private investigator?

Yes, regardless of if the police are looking into a matter or not you can retain the services of a private investigator.  Private investigators have the advantae of working on one case at a time and can apply the focus and dedication needed to effectively solve cases that are still being worked on by the police.

What happens on a surveillance?

There are several types of and reasons for a surveillance.  But the key principles are the same for most types of surveillance's.  The objective is normally to keep tabs on an individual or groups of individuals and determine/document the activities.  With this in mind, the investigator will locate a discrete surveillance position where the activities can be monitored while still allowing for continued surveillance if the target departs.  When conducting surveillance on a spouse or partner, the Private Investigator will first determine the best schedule for surveillance with you.  Once on surveillance, all visible activity will be recorded on video with a time/date stamp. 

Is your investigative proof admissable in court?

My investigative evidence is admisible in a court of law or any legal proceedings because I'm licensed and bonded in West Virginia.  Despite the fact that a client hired me, because I'm licensed and bonded, the courts view me as a neutral party.    

What is the difference between using a local private investigator and a national firm?

There are pro's and con's for using both local and national private investigators.  If your specific need is centralised around one particular area, there are advantages of using a local private investigator.  Local private investigators typically offer a faster response time and can apply special attention to your case.  Many feel that being able to speak directly to the investigator that will be in the field can provide valuable perspective into the case and help intergrate the reporting process.

Can you guarantee the results of my case?
Given the unknown variables that are subjective to investigations, no private investigator is able to guarantee results.  My goal is to use my expertise to uncover every possible fact.  I do guarantee my exceptional investigative techniques and best results possible on the information you supplied.