Rick Johnson Private Investigator
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I have been developing new investigative sources, refining the quality and appearance of my reports, and implementing innovations like video into my transmitted reports.  Staying on top of the last services, technologies, and trends allows me to provide the most cost effective investigative services available.

I'm always striving for excellence.  Clients are the number one priorty and proper, clear communication with them is an essential aspect of my buisness.  Because of this, myself and clients are included as partners in analysis and assessment and are kept informed on each assignment's progress.  You'll never be kept in the dark about problems that could threaten an assignment's objectives.

Conforming to circumstance is essential to success.  My process is unique to each case, evolving with the behavior and habits of subjects, because investigations is never a 9 to 5 job.

When you hire Rick Johnson Private Investigator, you'll be working with a committed professional who conducts investigations with the utmost discretion and integrity.  When someone needs a dedicated surveillance and investigative services done right, they know who to turn to.

We can all identify with the agony and stress that comes with the 'unknown'.  When every step you take is important, a confidant can be very welcomed.  I provide free consultation and understand the difficulty of the situation you are in at the time.  I offer ideas and listen to your concerns to devise the best way to handle your case.

With situations involving a cheating spouse, my years of experience along with my various other investigative services, enabling the client to proceed with confidence.  I may even utilize covert surveillance and activity checks for my domestice clients.  I work to find the answers you need.